People Keep Talking
People Keep Talking
Released October 14, 2014
Recorded 2012-2014
Genre Hip hop
Produced by RJF
Singles "Show Me What You're Made Of"
"Dumb For You"

People Keep Talking is the debut album of hip hop artist Hoodie Allen. It was released through iTunes on October 14, 2014.


Hoodie has been talking about this album on his social media networks for over two years. On his birthday, he announced via Twitter and Facebook that he will be releasing People Keep Talking on October 14th, 2014. The reason behind the album name People Keep Talking, explained by Hoodie in a YouTube video, is the fact people are talking about Hoodie and his work, but he is not listening and doing his own thing. Allen wrote that the album is largely about relationships and believing in yourself rather than record labels and haters. Ten out of the fourteen tracks are "pretty carefree" but there's also substance and a message here because he wants to be a "role model and not cotton candy fluff.


  • Hoodie said that the song "Act My Age" sounds like "some Beastie Boys meets Blink 182 collar but it's me!"


Track listingEdit

Title Length
"100 Percent of Something" 3:37
"People Keep Talking" 3:33
"Movie" 3:59
"Won't Mind" (featuring MAX) 4:12
"All About It" (featuring Ed Sheeran) 3:25
"Dumb For You" 3:11
"Sirens" (featuring Alex Wiley) 3:57
"Act My Age" 3:12
"Numbers" 3:29
"Get It on the Low" 3:42
"Show Me What You're Made Of" 4:13
"The Real Thing" 2:49
"Overtime" 3:23
"Against Me" (featuring MAX) 4:01