Leap Year
Leap Year
Released July 26, 2012
Genre Hip hop
Length 38:41
Singles "Dreams Up"
"NY is Killing Me"
"The Chase Is On"
Hoodie Allen - Leap Year Teaser

Hoodie Allen - Leap Year Teaser

Leap Year is the third mixtape by Brooklyn rapper and singer Hoodie Allen.


Hoodie Allen begun working on this mixtape when he was still working at Google in San Francisco. He spent "every minute" of his free time writing and recording. By the time the tape was done, he had quit his job at Google and moved to New York, which truly marked the start of his music career. Hoodie has said about the mixtape, "I think Leap Year is really different because it’s my first truly personal project – I feel super comfortable talking about my life, and my missteps, insecurities, relationships and thats cool for me, because I think a new or old fan will hear it and learn more about me by the time they are done listening." Hoodie described the meaning behind the title as "the leap of faith" he took during the year he recorded it because he had to leave everything else behind to be an artist. The tape talks a lot about that journey and how it changed him. Hoodie said he really found his "voice and perspective" though this album.


"Dreams Up" was released as the first single from the album on January 18, 2011. The second single, "NY is Killing Me" was released in March but did not make the final track listing.


This mixtape was released on July 26, 2012 through digital download on Hoodie's website. In its first week of release, Leap Year reached 250,000 plays on SoundCloud.

Track listingEdit

Title Length
"Song For An Actress" 3:16
"Can't Hold Me Down" (featuring Tayyib Ali) 4:04
"The Chase Is On" 3:11
"James Franco" 3:29
"You're Welcome" 3:08
"Soul On Fire" 3:09
"Every Time You Go" 2:30
"Push You Away" 3:30
"Sticks and Stones" 2:19
"Flipping Out" 2:49
"#WhiteGirlProblems" 2:54
"Dreams Up" 3:17
"Moon Bounce" 4:20