Crew Cuts
Crew Cuts
Released February 20, 2013
Recorded 2012, 2013
Genre Hip hop
Length 38:59
Produced by Illmind, DJ Fresh Direct, Jared Evan
Singles "Cake Boy"
"Fame Is For Assholes"

Crew Cuts is the second EP by American rapper and singer Hoodie Allen.

Release and promotionEdit

Hoodie's mixtape Crew Cuts was released online for free via his website on February 20, 2013. It is made up of eleven tracks and has six collaborations. Hoodie said that the mixtape had been downloaded over 80,000 times within the first day.

The Cruisin' USA Tour with Aer and Jared Evan began on March 5, in support of Hoodie's new music. G-Eazy, instead of Aer, accompanied Hoodie on his Boston, Philly, and NYC shows. The tour concluded with Hoodie's biggest show at the time on April 13, at NYC's Roseland Ballroom which sold out a crowd of 3,500 people. On September 27, Hoodie opened for Passion Pit in front of a sold out crowd of 10,000 people at the University of Minnesota, becoming his biggest show by a wide margin.


The first single to precede this EP was titled "Cake Boy" which Hoodie released on February 11, 2013. The next single, "Fame Is For Assholes" was released a week later and features rapper Chiddy.


Track listingEdit

Title Length
"Let Me Be Me" 3:34
"Fame Is For Assholes" (featuring Chiddy) 3:16
"Reunion" 3:35
"Good Intentions" 3:34
"Cake Boy" 2:43
"Long Night" (featuring Chance The Rapper) 3:14
"Two Lips" (featuring OCD: Moosh and Twist) 3:44
"Casanova" (featuring Skizzy Mars and G-Easy) 3:59
"Heart 2 Heart" (featuring Jared Evan) 3:28
"Wave Goodbye" (featuring Shwayze) 3:41
"Where Do We Go Now" 4:01