Bagels and Beats EP
Bagels and Beats EP
Released March 10, 2009
Recorded 2008, 2009
Genre Hip hop, pop, R&B
Produced by Obey City

Bagels and Beats EP is the debut EP by duo Steven Markowitz and Samuel Obey while under the name Hoodie Allen.

Background and releaseEdit

Hoodie Allen was originally a music duo of childhood friends Steven Markowitz and Samuel Obey who both grew up in Long Island, New York. Steven's professional name was Steven Witz and Samuel's was Obey City. Witz did vocals while Obey City did production.[1] To promote the EP, they had their first show on January 10, 2009 at Europa in Brooklyn, New York.[2] They released their first EP titled Bagels and Beats EP on March 10, 2009 onto iTunes.

Track listingEdit

Title Length
"Long Island Iced Tea" 3:47
"Gotta Be" 3:15
"Immaculate" 3:18
"Back To The 50's" 3:10
"Magic" 3:10
"Spaceland" 3:43